What is Automatic Threat Mitigation?

  • 14 January 2021
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The Automated threat mitigation functionality automatically changes the Threat’s status based on the associated Security Requirements status.

Let’s assume that Threat A has the following three Security Requirements: Security Requirement 1Security Requirement 2, and Security Requirement 3. If the user has implemented all three Security Requirements, then the status of Threat A will also be automatically mitigated. 

Suppose the user has implemented all the security requirements; then the Threat's status will be changed to Mitigated automatically. If the user is implementing at least one of the security requirements, the associated Threats will change status to Partially Mitigated automatically.

Automated Threat Mitigation functionality is applicable for the following libraries threat  status:

  • AWS 
  • Azure 
  • GCP 
  • ThreatModeler 

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