Revolutionizing DevSecOps: Introducing ThreatModeler Version 7.0

  • 17 November 2023
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Revolutionizing DevSecOps: Introducing ThreatModeler Version 7.0
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Discover a game-changing update that will transform your DevSecOps world forever. Introducing ThreatModeler Version 7.0 – the answer to your most pressing security needs. You won't believe how much you've been missing out until you experience this revolutionary upgrade.

Are you tired of juggling the complexities of hybrid environments and managing global teams in the DevSecOps arena? ThreatModeler V7.0 is here to relieve your pain points and make your life easier. When you log in, you'll be greeted by a comprehensive view of your threat models, providing a truly immersive user experience. Gone are the days of endless security headaches; this update makes threat modeling not just smarter but also simpler and quicker, tailored to meet your unique organizational requirements.

Don't miss the chance to explore ThreatModeler V7.0's groundbreaking features – they're designed to empower you like never before. Once you dive into the world of ThreatModeler V7.0, you'll be captivated by its allure, just like the excitement of unboxing the latest Apple products. Don't miss out; take the plunge and unlock the future of threat modeling with us.

Our 7.0 version is the cream of the crop, setting industry standards for a robust, user-friendly experience. You're about to embark on an exciting journey with ThreatModeler V7.0, where the evolution of DevSecOps awaits you.

Meet your new best friend: 'Onboard Architect' – your virtual security architect. We've integrated Machine Learning and Conversational AI directly into the ThreatModeler Toolset, taking threat modeling to a whole new level with '1-Click' convenience. 'Onboard Architect' leverages knowledge from thousands of existing threat models, our patented Rules Engine, and your customizations, empowering your developers to effortlessly integrate essential security principles into your DevSecOps workflows.


But the excitement doesn't stop there. We've introduced a range of exciting features to make your life easier:

  • Threat Model Diagram Suggestions

This feature provides intelligent suggestions for enhancing your threat model diagrams.It streamlines the process of creating and improving your threat models, making them more robust and comprehensive.
It ensures that your threat models accurately represent the security landscape of your application, reducing vulnerabilities and risks.

  • Parent Group Recommendation

Parent Group Recommendations suggest the appropriate groupings and hierarchies for your threat model components.Organizing your components effectively is crucial for understanding the relationships between various elements and identifying potential security issues.
It simplifies the structuring of your threat models, making them more intuitive and easier to manage.

  • Next Component Recommendations

This feature suggests the next components to add to your threat model based on your existing components.It guides you through the process of expanding your threat model, ensuring you don't miss any critical security considerations.
It accelerates the threat modeling process and ensures comprehensive coverage.

  • Protocol Recommendation

Protocol Recommendations help you select the appropriate communication protocols for your components.Choosing the right protocols is essential for ensuring secure data transmission and preventing communication-related vulnerabilities.
It simplifies decision-making and ensures secure data exchanges within your application.

  • Security Control Recommendations

This feature offers suggestions for security controls that can be applied to your threat model components. Security controls are essential for mitigating threats and vulnerabilities effectively.
It assists in making informed decisions on security measures, strengthening the security posture of your application.

These features collectively represent the intelligence and automation that ThreatModeler Version 7.0 brings to the table. They streamline the threat modeling process, making it efficient, accurate, and comprehensive. Security is no longer a concern; it's an integral part of your development lifecycle.

Don't wait any longer; explore the future of DevSecOps with ThreatModeler Version 7.0. Upgrade your security practices, streamline development, and get ahead in the game. We're here to empower you.

Ready to make a change? Get started with ThreatModeler V7.0 and supercharge your application security. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we're here to help you succeed.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey in the world of DevSecOps Automated Threat Modeling. We're committed to your security, and we've got your back!


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The announcement of v. 7.0 has been overwhelmingly positive. I am proud to be apart of a company that releases such an amazing software!