Revolutionizing Threat Modeling with ThreatModeler WingMan™

  • 17 November 2023
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Revolutionizing Threat Modeling with ThreatModeler WingMan™
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In a groundbreaking leap for cybersecurity, ThreatModeler introduces WingMan™, a cutting-edge AI Virtual Security Assistant seamlessly integrated into the ThreatModeler v7.0 platform. Empowering developers with swift solutions and comprehensive insights to streamline workflows.

WingMan™, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, is a game-changer for DevSecOps. Its unique integration with the ThreatModeler platform, fortified by a patented Rules Engine and Learning Module, allows for unparalleled customization at the organizational level. Simplifying diagramming with probabilistic insights, WingMan™ empowers development and security teams to delve deeper into model findings. This results in heightened real-time collaboration and facilitates strategic focus on refining DevSecOps processes.

ThreatModeler V7.0, enriched by WingMan™, offers enhanced features catering to organizations with intricate multi-tier environments and sprawling multinational developer and security teams. Embrace the future of threat modeling with ThreatModeler WingMan™ — where innovation meets security excellence.


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WingMan™ will completely change how you utilize ThreatModeler today.