Threat Modeling is not the same as Threat Mapping

  • 7 April 2023
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1 reply

Thank you for sharing your blog post on the difference between threat modeling and threat mapping. I read through your article and I agree with your perspective on this topic.

As you pointed out, threat modeling is a comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential security threats to a system or application. It involves various activities, such as identifying assets, defining the attack surface, identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, analyzing risks, and proposing mitigation strategies.

On the other hand, threat mapping is a simpler and more focused activity that involves mapping out known threats and their potential impact on a system or application. It typically involves the use of a visual diagram or map to identify potential attack vectors and the corresponding countermeasures.

While both threat modeling and threat mapping are important activities in the context of cybersecurity, they serve different purposes and require different levels of effort and expertise. Threat modeling is more comprehensive and requires a deeper understanding of the system or application being analyzed, while threat mapping is a more straightforward activity that can be carried out by a wider range of stakeholders.

Overall, I appreciate your efforts to clarify the difference between these two concepts and help educate the cybersecurity community on the importance of both activities.